Protection Training

Sequoyah K9 Academy is proud to recommend Adrian Harwood for your protection training needs! Adrian first got involved in dog sports at age 14 as a handler and junior decoy in both French Ring and PSA (Protection Sports Association). At 18, she moved to North Carolina to attend North State K9 Academy's training school and to intern at Tarheel Canine. After graduating from North State K9 Academy and completing her internship, she was hired by Tarheel Canine as a Police Canine Trainer. She spent the next five years training police dogs as well as instructing law enforcement and civilian handlers and decoys. She has remained involved in PSA, training and decoying at Tarheel Canine's PSA club in North Carolina as well as at Tampa Bay PSA Club in Florida. Adrian has been a certified PSA decoy since 2013 and achieved a PSA Level 2 with her own dog, Ico, last year. They are currently training for the Level 3's. With no shortage of experience, Adrian can work with any level of puppy/dog (and handler) and will ensure that everyone has fun in the process!